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APPOXIO is a Calgary based digital agency that designs and builds custom applications, service portals and integrations on the ServiceNow platform.

We’re a collective of designers, developers, solution architects and integration specialists that have met with hundreds of ServiceNow customers around the world.

Our experience and expert knowledge of the platform enable us to deliver solutions that allow our clients to sustainably maximize the value of their NOW platform and go beyond what is offered out of the box.

Our Services

Custom ServiceNow Applications

Tailor-Made ServiceNow Applications

Fuel your organization’s digital transformation journey with the power of the ServiceNow platform.

We combine architectural and development expertise to design and build custom ServiceNow applications that optimize the way organizations work. Our integrated design approach helps create modern user and customer experiences enabled by solutions that are easily maintained and scalable across the enterprise.

Service Portal Design

Modernize your enterprise and bring your brand to life in ServiceNow.

We help organizations maximize user satisfaction and build brand value by improving the requestor and fulfiller experience through engaging user-centered designs and custom service portal widgets. Our solutions enable all areas of the business to build reputation and elevate the way they offer services.

Service Portals


Uncover the value of end-to-end enterprise automation.

When Forbes names the platform you have as 2018’s most innovative organization in the world you keep it and connect it. And we’ll help you find just the right fit. Our ability to bridge the gap between systems allows organizations to improve performance and productivity.